The Bottom Whisperer w/ Matt Schueller & Michael Lindsay

The Bottom Whisperer w/ Matt Schueller & Michael Lindsay

  • Time 08 hr 00 min
  • Thu, 11 Nov 2021
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This week, AJ and Emile explore the world of travel and queer relationships with travel obsessed husbands Matt Schueller & Michael Lindsay. Based in Portland, Oregon, Matt and Michael are two experts in all LGBTQ+ travel from destinations to tips and tricks. Best recognized from their YouTube channel & blog, the “love at first vlog” couple have let fans into their daily adventures, crossing off a new bucket list destination at a time! When not on the road, Matt and Michael have kept it real, showing followers what a crazy adventure just living life has provided them, from marriage, successful careers, a new home and now the path to potential parenthood. If doodles, queer love, and bodily fluids get you excited, then this is the episode for you.

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